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  • Trying hard to be an Entrepreneur living in Silicon Oasis.
  • I like to keep things Sweet & Tangy sometimes bitter & strong.
  • I write when words rhymes with my emotions.
  • I firmly believe that the pen is mightier than the sword and can make a change in the society ergo my words always aim for that.


A social media marketing strategist who is also a blogger and explorer, curious soul that is eternally filling the bucket of knowledge. Bibliophile who loves reading all the time. An ordinary boy that loves exploring new things, blogging, learning different languages, fancy cooking, traveling and flying . Believes in humanity & spreading smiles.

I am master of my spoken words and slave to those which remain unspoken.
Muzamil Farooq



I have strived to create a diversified business portfolio. First looking at my passions, then evaluating the complexities and probabilities of success within these markets. I am constantly looking for new and exciting opportunities.

The goal with me is to help bring exceptional services to the market. This is accomplished only by combining a high quality service and doing the right thing for our planet. The business world is too crowded with companies only looking to make a profit. While profits are important, it is not worth offering an inferior product in order to make more money. Nor is a service good if it is destructive to our planet and the future generations that are to live here. There needs to be a push towards more sustainable operations in all sectors of business.

My view on business is perhaps different than most. Business to me is an art just as much as it is about the end product or service. It is a dynamic and ever changing organism. If there is not passion for what one does, the venture will surely die. Surrounding myself with others who have passion to do the right thing, to help create the business, nurture it, make it evolve, that is how success happens. Just as a painting or sculpture can never find greatness if the artist only wants to get it done.

There is no point in starting a business and only trying to be a player in the field. I will always strive to take over the market and become, “the go to company,” in everything I do. Quality is the most important aspect in any business. If my business isn’t capable of putting out the best product in it’s class, I’d rather put nothing out at all.

“Luck is a point where hard work meets the opportunity”.


My vision is fairly simple. I try to live my life to the fullest. When my time is up, I do not want to say I wish I had done that, or if only I took the chance. I would rather fail a thousand times over to have the one success that is life defining. Those who never strive for greatness, never achieve greatness. I am not content with pretty good or ordinary. If I do something, I want it right, the best it can be. The goal is to be proud of everything I create in this world.

I have always been attracted to the old world style of doing things. Construction with materials that will last for centuries, works of art that would be appreciated forever, engineering that will help generations to come. These are only a few examples, but you get the idea. The world has changed a lot in the last few decades. Mostly for the good, however in some ways, I would say not. Everything in the modern world is about speed – how fast can you complete the task, how quickly can you build something, faster, faster, faster. Few people actually stop to see the world and learn about others and other cultures. Few people even take the time to learn history.

Every person should strive to reach their full potential. The world in which we live forces a person to be highly specialized in one field. College degrees narrow down a student’s area of expertise only allowing them to fill a specific niche, with no room to diversify their life. This trend is eliminating the aspiration of becoming a well-rounded person. As a young man I heard the term, “renaissance man.” I was fascinated by the extreme amount of knowledge across many disciplines these individuals possessed. I knew immediately that I wanted to strive for such a goal. Of course, I can not say that I have gotten to the level of histories greats, nor would I ever expect it. But I will never stop trying.

Lastly, I hope to help others as much as I can. To some, that means a better education that is affordable, or helping design and build their dream home or possibly providing them a career with the opportunity to reach their financial goals. For a few, it simply means helping them have a fun night out with their friends and family.

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